Dress to kill.

Last night was the launch party for Dress to kill magazine's Spring issue. The soirée was held at Briscola, and about half of the world's population was in attendance. KIDDING! But really, it was packed in there!

Salem Moussallam.
I'm just going to put it out there - I almost stole those shoes right off of Salem's feet and ran out of that party. ALMOST.

Some of the ladies of Dress to kill.

MAJOR ring envy.
Fellow bloggers Nikki Jumper (right) and Mona Chammas (left).
I've been writing what seems like 78 essays in the past few weeks, so getting a bit of a break, and getting to FINALLY wear my red leather jacket out was pretty fantastic. Shan was there too - naturally - which made the party just that much more entertaining. He even took my picture! "Finally," I thought. "A literal 'lipstick and leather' shot!"

Unfortunately, Shan's visit to the open bar at a prior engagement may/may not have messed up his photographic abilities. No big deal. I'll get this 'outfit photo' thing right one day, I promise.

Just one last shot of this woman - and THOSE FEATHERS!
Even though I left early (remember all those essays I was just talking about? Yeah, they pretty much killed me), and while I didn't get to run away with fabulous footwear - I DID manage to grab a copy of the glossy new issue of Dress to kill, and I think you all need to grab a copy (or check out them out online) too. When you do, make sure to check out the Barcelona story, shot by Greg Swales, and Double vision, shot by the lovely twins, Lily & Lilac.

jacket: Zac Posen for Target
shirt: UO
lipstick: "Russian red" by MAC

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