Sometimes, you just need to make subtle changes to beat the type of boredom that makes you do something drastic, like chop all off you hair off. 

Fortunately, Sasha was there to humour my request for, "Like, maybe just a few shades lighter." 
And just like that/a few hours later, my little hair experiment is complete! I think that this ought to be enough to keep me from messing with my hair while I wait for it to grow. 



Top & Blazer - H&M | Pants - Adidas | Shoes - ALDO | Lipstick - "Cruella" by NARS 
Just trying to keep up with the kids and this "athleisure" trend. Not sure if I'm doing it right, but I thought I'd give it a shot. Also, I've got to start finding places with better lighting. 



Shirt & shoes - ZARA | Pants & blazer - H&M | Sunglasses - Persol | Bag - Eleven Thirty | Lipstick - "Opera" by MAC X Toledo
Every once in a while, I like to switch up my all-black outfits by adding different patterns or textures to the mix. Today, I went a little "crazy" and put two patterns together. How shocking!! 

Also, ever since the temperature's gone above 12 degrees (celsius, for my American pals who must have just thought I was a lunatic) one of my favourite pairs of shoes have been worn on the daily, so expect to see a lot more of them in upcoming blog posts. 



This is for all of my Toronto people who love local designers and jewellery! Check it out!
The Gardiner Museum is hosting a one-of-a-kind pop-up shop on April 17, 2015 from 5-9pm. They're featuring some really great jewellery and accessories by the following local designers: 
Alynne Lavigne
Eliza Kozurno
C'est Joli
Two A
Irina Rapaport
Krystyne Griffin 
Valentine Rouge 

The event is open to the public, and there's a cash bar, so you can enjoy some tasty cocktails while you shop! 

See you there!



Coat - H&M | Shirt - ForeverXXI | Pants - OAK + FORT | Shoes - ZARA | Bag - Eleven Thirty
It's been a REEEEAAALLY long winter. For the first time in what felt like a thousand years, the weather was warm enough to shed more than a few layers. (Shoutout to all the people walking around Queen St. wearing shorts, tank tops, and flip flops today.) 

Unfortunately, I was at work today, of course, so I could only manage a few photos on my phone en route to my crib. Despite the changing weather, however, my wardrobe maintains a strict colour-scheme of black and sometimes white.