Kane and I recently did some work with his younger brother Cary for his t-shirt line, CTD. We took to the streets of Toronto to shoot his latest collection, and  these are a few teaser shots. 

I wasn't expecting to be in front of the camera at all for this, but alas, someone had to wear the ladies' t-shirt.
Graphic tee enthusiasts definitely need to check him out. He's also got hoodies, caps, and toques if graphic tees aren't necessarily your cup of tea. 

You can follow him on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Or, better yet, if you want to buy pieces from his collection, check out his online shop HERE



Blazer - UO | Sunglasses - Philistine | Lipstick "Riri Woo" by MAC | Shirt & coulottes - H&M | Shoes - TOPSHOP
When your outfit, mood, and the weather co-ordinate.

I'm definitely an emotional dresser/shopper, and I absolutely could not have picked a better outfit for this unseasonably chilly weather. Ugh, I hate the cold. And yes, anything that isn't 30 degrees during the summer is cold.
Also, my discontinued "Riri Woo" lipstick is almost done, so I'm pissed.



Sunglasses - Philistine | Lipstick - "Riri Woo" by MAC | Top & Bag - ZARA | Pants - H&M | Shoes - JOE Fresh

"I thought it was Hawaiian theme or something?"

"What do I have that's 'Hawaiian,' though? This is my most tropical outfit."

I've been invited to a Hawaiian-themed birthday party, and naturally, I'm going to partake in the festivities and dress accordingly, except you all pretty much know what my wardrobe consists of. This is actually the most "tropical/Hawaiian" outfit I could put together without buying new, colourful clothes that I'd never wear again. Hopefully they'll have leis at the party, and that'll add some more colour to my look.



I love any garment that can hide a food baby, as I've been known to carry those every now and again. This dress is technically a body-con dress, but this cape/tie thing that wraps around my gut is a fantastic distraction from my lack of abs.

Sorry, not sorry. Faking it 'til I make it, folks. Maybe I'll shed the food baby one of these days—but not today, 'cause I really feel like a burger right now.

Sunglasses - Philistine | Lipstick - "Misia" by CHANEL | Dress - H&M | Shoes - New Balance



Hat - Goorin Bros. | Shirt and Sandals - H&M | Lipstick - "Lady Danger" by MAC | Leather shorts - Rudsak | Bag - Eleven Thirty Shop
I haven't had a day off in over a week, I woke up a little hungover this morning, and I have a book I'm really excited to read, but can't right now, 'cause I'm at work—again. Despite all of these compaints, however, I can't even be in a bad mood when the weather's this beautiful. I'm not always the most chipper (my boyfriend will attest to that), but sunshine does wonders for even the crabbiest of humans.

I hope everyone's enjoying their day today, whatever you're doing.