These photos were taken a few days ago. During the summer. In. August. It's not that I don't like this outfit. In fact, I am ALL ABOUT IT right now, as I've been searching for a proper hat for ages. What I'm actually unhappy about, is that four days ago, I was at the beach—in a two piece, no less, and today, I nearly left the house with a scarf on! 
Hat & Jeans - UO | Sweater - H&M | Bag - Coach | Shoes - ZARA | Watch - Fossil 
These photos were taken during a shoot for the second issue of ARCHETYPE. Obviously, I'd like nothing more than to show you guys more than my outfit photos, but most of the "behind-the-scenes" photos from this day can't be shared yet. (I CANNOT WAIT to share it with all of you, though.)

In the meantime, please please PLEASE check out ARCHETYPE's Kickstarter campaign, and share it, donate to it, or laugh at how awkward I am on camera—just please watch it and spread the word. We appreciate all the help!



My brother and sister are visiting from the land of New Jersey this week, so I thought I'd take them to the beach for the day. The islands aren't quite like the Jersey shore, so I thought they'd appreciate this little slice of Canada. 

These were some of their thoughts, upon arrival to said beach:
"There are no waves?"
"This water looks mad clean!"
"Hey, the water's not salty."
Sunglasses - Ray Ban | Shirt and bathing suit bottom - Urban Outfitters | Shorts - Levi's | Flip-flops - Old Navy | Bag - Louis Vuitton | Bathing suit top - CHANGE of Scandinavia 
All-in-all, I'd say we had a pretty good day. We had a mini picnic, complete with ketchup chips (because they don't sell those in the States,) and complains about why the sandwiches I made didn't have mayo in it. I even wore a two-piece bathing suit—for the third time in about twenty years. Oh, and I think I got a tan! 
Hopefully, I won't slack so hard, and post more of our adventures from this week. Things are just getting super hectic with ARCHETYPE right now. I'll have to post an update on that as well!



It has arrived! We dreamt it, and we created it—ARCHETYPE Magazine is an actual thing, you guys! 

It's crazy to think that Shan and I were conceptualizing this magazine in February of this year—and now here it is, live and in living colour! If you'd like to direct order a copy for yourself, click on the "e-mail" link on the sidebar just there -------------------> 

I'll be sure to get back to you!
Blazer - H&M | Shirt - Dimepiece LA | Shorts - ForeverXXI | Shoes - Nike | Lipstick - MAC "relentlessly red" 



Things have been pretty busy, to say the least, and so I've had just enough time to snap an outfit of two for instagram. Here are a few of my favourite outfits as of late. I've got some exciting things coming up, and I'll get into it in another post, for sure. In the meantime, though, check the blog's sidebar, and you'll get a pretty good idea about what my "secret" project is. 



How many leather jackets do you need to own before you can officially call it a problem? Folks, you're currently looking at the 7th leather jacket to make its way into my (now very packed) closet. 

I hate to play favourites, but this one may actually be my favourite. For the first time all year, I'm actually GLAD that the weather's not been particularly hot, because it means I can wear this beaut! 
Lipstick - Illamasqua: "Maneater" | Leather jacket - DANIER | Skirt - H&M | Shirt - MINKPINK | Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell