At long last, I finally had a few minutes to sort through some photos from when I went to Nova Scotia for my friend Julia's wedding. It was a short trip I took with one of my best friends, Ronnie, which was pretty exciting. I'd also never been to the east coast before, so that was really cool, especially because it's nothing like Toronto. It was pretty great to be so close to a body of water that wasn't Lake Ontario.

Sunglasses - Philistine | Dress - Winners | Lipstick - "Opera" by MAC x Toledo | Clutch - ZARA | Shoes - JOE Fresh

On Ronnie: Jacket - BCBG, via The Kind Exchange

I can't tell you how many pounds of lobster I must have eaten in those short three days. I also don't really want to know.

Shoes - ZARA | Jacket - Urban Outfitters | Jeans - JOE Fresh

Hat - H&M | Vest - Elizabeth & James



The ZARA sale is on, you guys! I made my first (of many trips, I'm sure) yesterday afternoon and found this little black dress that I'd been eyeing since the winter. If you live in Toronto too, then you know there was NO WAY this dress would've been appropriate to wear until, oh, two weeks ago?

I don't often wear dresses, but I find that when I do, I always question why I don't own more of them. They're easy to wear, comfortable, and an effortless way to pull off a head-to-toe black outfit without having to think about it. By no means am I convert—pants are a permanent fixture in my wardrobe—but I think I may have to start investing in a dress or two.
Sunglasses - Philistine | Lipstick - "Whirl" by MAC | Dress - ZARA | Bag - GAP | Shoes - JOE Fresh



If you hadn't already guessed, my monochrome wardrobe doesn't leave much room for colour—which isn't to say that I don't like colour. I just don't really know how to wear it. Over the years, this has become problematic because I'd buy colourful garments with the intention of wearing them, and then just not. Ever.
In the last few years, however, I decided that I'd allow myself ONE colourful piece or ensemble, just so I could try out some colour, feel like I changed it up a bit, and not be overwhelmed by all of the colour that I suddenly injected into my wardrobe. (These are real problems for me, ladies and gents. Like, actual stuff that I think about and reflect on. First world problems, am I right?) 

Two years ago, it was THIS dress, and this year, it's this pajama-looking set that I fell in love with at H&M. I waited and waited, until it went on sale and I got BOTH pieces for $20!!! Not a bad investment, if you ask me.
Bag - GAP | Top & Bottom - H&M | Shoes - JOE Fresh | Tank top - ForeverXXI | Sunglasses - Philistine | Lipstick - "Barbecue" by Toledo X MAC



Shirt & shorts - H&M | Shoes - ZARA | Sunglasses - Philistine | Lipstick - "Whirl" by MAC | Bag - Eleven Thirty
It's happening! It's finally warm enough to wear shorts!

Faux leather may not be the best option during the summer, but however impractical, I can't ever really say no to (p)leather regardless of the weather. 



Call it what you want—a publicity-stunt, major life-changing event, or just another magazine cover. However you want to perceive it, Caitlyn Jenner's journey to becoming, well, Caitlyn Jenner, has been one of the most talked-about topics in entertainment news in the last few months. As of about a minute ago, "Caitlyn Jenner" is the number one trending topic on Twitter—are you even surprised?

I'm no expert in topics relating to the transgender community, but I'd like to hope that highly-publicized stories like this one encourage others to be true to themselves and become the people they were born to be.

Plus, I think THIS is how you really #breaktheinternet (Sorry, Kim.) Do you, Caitlyn.