For Shan.

I have a thing about knowing people's whole names. Don't ask, it's just a thing I have, what can I say?

Anyway, I recently discovered my good friend Shan has a middle name, and one that he intends to "get legally removed," at that. Naturally, I just HAVE to know what it is. Naturally, Shan just WILL NOT tell me. He did, however, bet me that if I wore my black lipstick for all of fashion week, he'd tell me.

This is what I look like with black lipstick on:

So now you see why there is just no way I'm doing that. Basically, this means that there's also no way Shan will tell me what his middle name is now. I'm just hoping this wee preview will change his mind. HOPEFULLY.

shirt: JOE fresh
lipstick: "Styletto" by Lime Crime 

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