Sir, yes sir.

Fashion week isn't even over yet, and already, I'm feeling its effects. I'm tired, folks! Don't get me wrong here - I'm still having a great time. But my word, getting creative in the outfit department is tricky when you're half-asleep and getting dressed.

Luckily for me, basic black and one of my favourite shirts ever always seems to be a winning combination that requires little to no cognitive effort. Granted, I totally looked very un-Barbie and more like one of the Ken dolls, but whatever - team Man Repeller all the way! On the other hand, posing for photos does, and since I've never been any sort of Alana Zimmer in that department, well, you can see for yourself. 

See? What'd I tell you? 

Show posts are coming up in a bit, I promise. For now, I'm off to bed to get my "beauty sleep" - fashion week isn't over yet, you know. 

Lipstick: "Russian Red" by MAC and "Fatale" by Chanel
Shirt: GAP
Bowtie: BEDO (My birthday gift from Amanda)
Leather blazer: ZARA
Watch(es): DKNY and Citizen
Pants: Forever 21
Bag: Thrifted
Shoes: Aldo

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