Casual Tuesday.

At least, I think it was Tuesday. 

Between two jobs, school assignments - due before school even starts, mild pangs of loneliness, and the mind-blowing heat, the final days of Summer are starting to melt together to form one sticky, uncomfortable, and (slightly) drunken memory. I do remember that it rained one day this week, and it was (HUGE overstatement) "chilly" enough to throw on a blazer. 

Lipstick - "Fatale" by Chanel | Blazer - UO | Vintage tee - gift | Bag - Banana Republic | Shorts - DIY | Shoes - DIY Converse
It was actually kind of nice to wear an extra layer of clothing, rather than want desperately to get naked because of the extreme heat. However, I can't say that it was nice enough to make me want fall to get here already. I think I can wait a little while longer. I'm still really enjoying wearing shorts.

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