And another one.

As it stands, I think I have three(?) 'this is what I want for Christmas'/'this is what someone gave me for Christmas' posts on here already. However, it's not actually Christmas yet, so I think that I can carry on posting about things on my ever-growing wish list. 

via tannergoods.com
Being in the business of blogging and having a general love for taking photographs guarantees I have my camera with me at all times. I love taking my camera around all over the place, but I don't love the fact that my camera strap advertises my brand of choice - not to mention the serious strap burn I subject my neck to on a regular basis, on account of the skin-unfriendly material camera straps are made out of. Aside from being aesthetically pleasing, this strap is totally functional - and practical.

I rest my case. One that I believe, was stated quite well. Santa, work your magic!

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