40 pesos doesn't get you much over here, but I liked the touch of colour it added to the photo. HA. HA. Also, check out my fancy, new Filipino cellphone. 
WOW. So I didn't realize that it's been almost two whole weeks since I've posted anything. My apologies for being such a terrible blogger. However, I do have a fantastic excuse: I'm in a different country (my homeland, actually) and wi-fi isn't the easiest thing to come by 'round these parts. 

I'll try for some consistency over the next two weeks that I'm here, but I make no promises. Like I said, wi-fi isn't easy to come by, and when you do find it, it isn't always free. *Womp womp. So for now, here's a peek at what I've been up to lately. 

Hope everyone's holidays are going FANTASTIC! Later, gators!

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