I don't like to "endorse" specific brands, because:

1. there usually isn't ONE particular brand of anything that I swear by (unless we're talking about the lipstick I use)
2. no one has offered to pay me - or to have my photo up on a billboard - for any such endorsement

However, I'm also notorious for my unique talent of smudging my nail polish because I can never wait long enough for them to dry. This, folks, created the perfect recipe for my glowing endorsement of Essie's "'Good to go' rapid dry coat."I am telling you, this stuff is incredible! It claims to dry your nail polish in seconds, and that's exactly what it does. It also adds a really nice shine to your nails, which is a plus in my books. AND, it keeps your nail polish from chipping.

I think that I've put on/changed my nail colour more in the last few weeks since I bought this stuff than I have in the past six years. Seriously. I could go on all day, but I'm all about encouraging people to form their own opinion, so try it out for yourselves and see. Oh, and you're welcome.


  1. Adding this to my Christmas list, stat. I always end up with seriously pressing nail-smudging things to attend to immediately after I finish my last pinky nail. This will be a lifesaver, I can already tell.

  2. Giiiirl, it most definitely will!