All work and no play.

Bikini - CHANGE | Shirt - Diepo | Necklace - My hotel room key | Lipstick - "Lady danger" by MAC 
After a plane ride, a boat ride, and a very awkward (and cramped) ride on a more 'heavy-duty' tricycle, we finally made it to the highlight of my whole vacation back to the Philippines - Boracay! However - and unfortunately - vacations don't magically make work disappear, so after some swimming, I sat down to a very rum-filled mango shake and got to work, right there on the beach. Hopefully, I'll get all of this done while I have wi-fi.


  1. I completely understand--- all I need to work is wifi, so it isn't surprising that a vacation never truly means unplugging. But then again-- there are worse places to work than on the beach!

    -Alexis Grace

  2. Agreed! If you've got to work, it might as well be somewhere sunny and tropical!