I don't know if it's because I've just turned 23, or that I found out 23 is actually passed 'quarter life' once you take into account the average life expectancy of a Canadian, but it needed to be done. My hair just had to go.

From TOP: Cardigan - UO | Lipstick - "Russian Red" by MAC | Scarf - Lavish and Squalor | Jacket - DANIER | Lipstick - "Lady Danger" by MAC
The best part about making such a drastic change (and tell me if I'm the only one who feels this way) is that now, all my old clothes seem almost new-ish, because they sort of look different when they're not covered in long hair.

So what do you think? You can love it, or you can hate it - but at the very least, you're going to have to accept it, because my long mane won't be growing back in the next week and frankly, I can't afford a weave.

*Peeps who I've been friends with forever: No, I did not just post an old photo from 2008. This is actually what I look like right now. HA! 

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