Day two in New Jersey was mildly adventurous, I'd say. The night ended with custom cartoons on a napkin by Denny - but the day began with my little brother, Matthew.

Scarf & Shirt - H&M | Leather blazer - ZARA | Bag - Thrifted (Coach) | Jeans - Levi's | Belt - GAP | Lipstick - "Russian Red" by MAC
The unfortunate think about the American education system, is that there is no 'March break.' There's a 'Spring break,' but that's not until April. This means that I had to lead a good example as a big sister and convince my brother to skip school and hang out with me. Yes, you read that correctly. Don't judge. And like I said before, I never turn down free labour, and Matt was more than happy to take my photos - as long as I took photos of him too. He also asked that I take him to lunch - so I did both.

Dear Matthew: If you see this, please don't kill me.

After some shopping and episode of 'The Office,' the rest of day consisted of some laughs and shenanigans at Applebee's with my new New Jersey pals.

Good times.

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