On staying "on trend."

Blouse - JOE Fresh | Blazer - ForeverXXI | Pants - Sirens | Oxfords - Town Shoes
Let me just throw something out there: A girl's gotta budget. It's true. With all of the changing styles, fads, trends, colour stories, silhouettes, etcetera, etcetera, it's pretty impressive that appreciators of fashion haven't all shopped their way into "BANKRUPTCY!" My advice? If you don't already - bargain shop! Do it. 

Take for example, these pants. Now I'm pretty notorious for almost exclusively wearing black pants, denim or otherwise - so investing in a pair of coloured pants, especially in a neon-y/pastel colour just doesn't seem like a wise decision. I shopped around and found these peachy bad boys for $20, as opposed to the over $60 I would've payed, had I bought them elsewhere. Take my advice and shop around at el cheap-o stores around your hood, because you could save some serious money!! 

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