If you haven't already heard, there was a tragic shooting at a midnight screening of the new Batman movie last night in Aurora, Colorado. More HERE.

People everywhere have been talking about the senseless violent act, and have also been sending their heart-felt condolences to the families of the victims, through Facebook and Twitter - causing #Aurora (the city where the shooting occurred) to become a trending topic.

And then THIS happened:
Twitter has since been blowing up with re-tweets and angry responses to the extremely insensitive tweet. May God have mercy on the (most likely) poor intern who thought they were being clever with that gem.

I think that this is where the discussion of social media awareness and education needs to start. I have such an issue with how uninformed people remain to be, despite the fact that we are part of an age in technology where we are literally able to learn about absolutely anything and EVERYTHING we want - and with an ease that none of the generations before us have never known. Simply reading why #Aurora was trending could have prevented this horrible blunder, but I feel that more often than not, we take for granted our access to limitless resources, and then we just fuck up.

UPDATE: The tweet has finally been taken down, but no apology yet.

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