"You shoot me in your dreams..."

Photos - Anthony Willis | Sunglasses - Jimmy Swagg

"...you better wake up and apologize."

In case you hadn't already guessed (or seen in about a million different social media channels), a few days ago, I was part of a 'Reservoir Dogs'-themed shoot. 

I was in New Jersey, and my friend Denny asked if I'd do it, since I was going to be in town. How could I say no? Reservoir Dogs is only one of my favourite movies of all time! Despite the fact that it we were all walking around wearing suits in million degree weather, I had a fantastic time "Fucking shit up," in the style of the most famous misters in film. 

After making magic (I'm talking to you, Anthony. How'd you make us all so good?) we went out for a slice of what has to be the biggest pizza I've ever seen/eaten. We definitely tipped our waitress. It's just the right thing to do.


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  1. They do have pretty big pizzas down in the states. I remember this one time in Chicago...