CR Fashion Book has started a series on their site called, 'The Anatomy of a Bag.'  It features iconic, designer bags, most of which I dream of some day coveting, that are deconstructed—through a brief description of the bags' history, as well as literally, piece by piece, for you to see what sort of work really goes into the creation of some of the most beautiful toiletry/wallet/cellphone/lozenge/keys/pen/lint carriers known to man. It's actually pretty cool to see!

The first bag to make it into this series is the "well-known cousins [of] the Birkin and the Kelly," the Constance bag from HERMÈS. 
I think I'd like to take those pieces home with me and just try to reconstruct this bag myself. Perhaps cutting the cost of putting it together will make it more affordable? Imagine?!

SOURCE: CR Fashion Book.


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  2. NSFW
    Not safe for Wallet!

    1. TELL ME ABOUT IT. Doesn't make me want it any less, though.

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