I'm sharing this teaser clip for a new documentary called, Fabulous Fashionistas, that I saw on everythingzoomer.com.

I just love the way that these women perceive fashion as an eternal expression of their spirit and personality, as opposed to a means to look a certain way that's deemed appropriate for women their age. I feel like the fashion industry's lifeblood is youth and the beauty of youth, but these older ladies have what we sartorial babies don't—years of experience and real references from different decades of fashion that we can only read about. Why should they have to adhere to what "women their age should be wearing?"

Ugh, I could go on, but basically, what I took away from this is that I want to be this sort of badass when I reach the age of retirement. It's so great to see people having fun with fashion and being unapologetic about their (fabulous) style!

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