It's still cold out. Fortunately, it wasn't so cold I couldn't walk around with my jacket open—so I kept my jacket unzipped until the evening, when it got really chilly. Again. (Yes, I am absolutely bitter about this weather.)

I've learned to not get too excited about the warm weather, so I've made sure to bring my gloves and hat with me wherever I go, because you just never know with this Toronto weather. If your hands, like mine, are still freezing, you should grab a pair of Quill & Tine's touchscreen gloves—especially 'cause they're on sale right how! Even if you've decided to commit to "spring" weather and ditch your winter accoutrements, it wouldn't hurt to get a head-start on your winter wardrobe shopping for next year, as it seems like we're looking at a perpetual winter. 

The one up-side to this weather: No more snow, which means not having to wear my heavy-duty winter boots!
Leather jacket - Danier | Scarf - Lavish & Squalor | Sweater & trousers - H&M | Clutch - American Apparel | Gloves - Quill & Tine | Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell | Lipstick - Illamasqua "Maneater" | Rings - Tiffany & Co. and Catbird NY