You may be asking, "Kate, what's this 'Monday Muse' business all about?"

[In my best second-hand car salesman voice] Well, now! Let me tell you!

The Monday Muse series is something I'm adding to the blog, because:
a) I'm sure that there are only so many photos of me that you want to look at.
b) Mondays generally suck, so I figure I'd try to give you all, but mostly myslef, something to look forward to doing on dreaded Mondays.
c) (And most of all) I just want to feature the people and things that inspire me, whether it be style-wise or otherwise. 
(That poorly constructed sentence just made me laugh, but I'm not going to change it. It's Monday, sue me.)

I also want to get back to my journalism roots a little bit, so in future, I'm hoping to include some interviews as well, because I want to know what inspires the people who inspire me!

For my very first Monday Muse, I thought I'd go big with someone who is a HUGE style inspiration for me. This might seem odd because of the monochromatic nature of my wardrobe, but the reason I find such inspiration from this person's style, is because she seems fearless in her choices, and she seems like the kind of poerson who could throw any old garment on and just look killer in it. 

Ladies and gents, I present the first Monday Muse of the seriesSolange Knowles.

See what I mean?!?! The woman can do no wrong! And of course, I had to end with her take on an all-black outfit, 'cause of course I would.
If you're not following her already, I suggest you hit up her INSTAGRAM immediately!

And that's about it...for now. Check back on Monday to see who else I'm currently a little obsessed with.

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