I've mentioned it a few times before, but unless otherwise stated, almost all of my outfit photos are shot by me. This makes for an interesting predicament, because:
a) I'm almost always without my tripod.
b) I don't always carry my digital camera with me.
c) I live in Toronto, so it's difficult to find quiet spots where I can put my camera or phone down, without the threat of someone snatching my stuff or walking by and looking at me posing alone like a wierdo. 
Leather jacket - Danier | Shirt and trousers - H&M | Shoes and bag - ZARA | Lipstick - "Franken Furter" by MAC
This forces me to take photos wherever is most convenient at the time, which in this case is infront of a concrete planter on a side street, even with the sunshining in my eyes. I'd have prefered to take the photo from a different angle, but these were taken with my phone, and it wouldn't stand upright on the bench. 

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