At long last, I finally had a few minutes to sort through some photos from when I went to Nova Scotia for my friend Julia's wedding. It was a short trip I took with one of my best friends, Ronnie, which was pretty exciting. I'd also never been to the east coast before, so that was really cool, especially because it's nothing like Toronto. It was pretty great to be so close to a body of water that wasn't Lake Ontario.

Sunglasses - Philistine | Dress - Winners | Lipstick - "Opera" by MAC x Toledo | Clutch - ZARA | Shoes - JOE Fresh

On Ronnie: Jacket - BCBG, via The Kind Exchange

I can't tell you how many pounds of lobster I must have eaten in those short three days. I also don't really want to know.

Shoes - ZARA | Jacket - Urban Outfitters | Jeans - JOE Fresh

Hat - H&M | Vest - Elizabeth & James

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