Looking cute while out and about  in 32 degrees is no easy feat. I commend women who can still wear a full face of makeup without it melting off of their skin. I, on the other hand, don't know a blush brush from a contour brush (aren't they the same? Is there even such a thing as a co tour brush?) so I've just had to live with upper-lip sweat and the like. 

I also have to applaude people who walk around outside in suits, but look like they're walking along an air-conditioned building. I never look cool (literally and figuratively) during the summer. I get kinda sweaty, I look irritated, and while I LOVE hot weather, it's really difficult to wear things other than shorts, tank tops, and sandals. 
Things get even trickier in office an environment, 'cause you have to look work appropriate. I've been really fortunate to work for creative offices where dresscodes are little more relaxed, but I still like to differentiate my day off attire from my work attire. 

I'm staring to wear more skirts and flowy trousers--anything that's as good as shorts without actually being shorts. I could also probably help myself out and wear lighter colours, but let's be realistic. 

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