Sunglasses - ForeverXXI | Lipstick - CHANEL | Outfit - H&M
Accidents happen. Sometimes, they're good accidents, and you end up re-purposing a blouse that you didn't think could be worn another way. This is the exact blouse from my last post, just tied to the side. It may not seem that exciting to you, but I always love when something old looks new again, 'cause then I feel like I sort of went shopping in my own closet—and I didn't have to spend any $$$! I tell you, it's not easy being poor, but it's not always THAT hard, either. 

Blogging can get tricky when your closet doesn't feature a limitless selection of clothes, and your wallet doesn't contain a whole lotta fund$. Sometimes, you have to just switch things up and hope for the best, even when it's something as simple as tying something a different way to give a piece new life. Don't believe me? The Man Repeller wrote a whole post about it.

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