"Well damn, Bey. There go our collective wigs, snached up off all our heads."

(Real thoughts I had when Beyoncé declared, in her own flawless way, that she does, in fact, wakes up looking like the Queen Bey we've all come to worship.) 
An old selfie, but one that makes me look at least sort of approachable. 
Then it occurred to me that on top of actually just being Beyoncé, she also likely has a team devoted to keeping her flawless. 

Instead of getting bummed out about how we don't look like whichever celebrity we wished we looked like, I think trying to be the best version of yourself should be the thing we strive for. 
My best version doesn't include contour and highlight, not because I disapprove or don't need it—do you, boo boos. I simply lack the skill to attempt any sort of makeup look, even in the age of the Youtube tutorial. It is what it is, and  so most days, I actually wake up looking like this:
I don't spend a lot of money on cosmetics and "face stuff," because I almost never use it, or I use it once and forget about it. There goes my $$$. Instead, I've accumulated a few items that help me achieve that Glossier-approved "Skin first, makeup second, smile always" look. I mean, the smile part isn't really my thing, but you get the drift. 
First, "face stuff." I'm not married to specific line or product, 'cause I usually just try what's cheap or what I find in goodie bags from fashion events. *More shameless confessions coming up. Recently, I've been using products by Ole Henricksen, because I received some products as a work perk. (See? Shameless.) Anyway, I've been really into their cleanser, and my boyfriend says it makes my face smell good, which is a plus?

I can't remember where I read it, but someone said moisturizing your face is your number one anti-aging defense. I believe they said that if you haven't already, you should start in your early twenties, and I was 25 at the time, so after letting out a "Yikes!" I stole my mom's Clinique yellow moisturizer sample and got to it. Right now I'm using NeoStrata's 'Moisture Infusion 24hr Hydrating Serum' I got it in a Toronto Fashion Week swag bag, and I actually really like the stuff--it's hydrating without feeling like greasy, or like a heavy cream.
Next up, lips. Ladies (and gentlemen) know that chapped lips are an absolute no-no, and for Canadians like myself, the battle against cracked lips is real! The cold weather can do a number on you, so something like BITE Beauty's Agave Lip Mask is great for overnight repair. 
Brows. I know I said I don't wear a lot of makeup, and I guess brow stuff is makeup, but damn, sometimes you need all the help you can get. In real life, my eyebrows are pretty thick, but they always look almost invisible in photos. I usually throw on some Kat Von D 'Tattoo Brow' for definition, and Rimmel 'Brow This Way' to "fluff" my brows, per se, and help them look thicker. 
Then maybe I curl my eyelashes. I don't usually wear mascara because it always finds its way onto my eye bags. I feel like curling them makes me feel like I put in some sort of effort into my appearance, without actually having to apply product. Also I feel like curled lashes make me look more awake, even pre-morning coffee.
Then the most important step: LIPSTICK! 

I'm showing a tiny sampling of how much lipstick I actually own here. (My full collection will have to have its own post some other time.) 

The reason I own so much lipstick is because I feel like lipstick is THE easiest way to elevate your look/mood, as far as your face is concerned. Lipstick is so simple, and so easy to apply, and then suddenly you feel like you're all done-up, even if you're wearing jeans and t-shirt. 
Keep in mind, folks, that these are my essentials. These are the things that make me, in my opinion, look and feel my best. Whatever your routine is, whether it takes you no products, or 18 products to feel good about walking out the door every day is totally your call. 

No matter what, though, I think that whatever you wear or use on your face should be determined by your own wants, and not what other people are telling you you should look like. Period. 

And on an unrelated note: Have any of my American pals tried Glossier yet? They have lots of cool stuff, check out their tons of different beauty productsWhat are your thoughts on their products? I am absolutely DYING to, (so much so, that I wrote this entirely long post inspired by them) but I'm patiently waiting, along with my fellow Canadians for them to ship here! Fingers-crossed that'll be soon. 

Also, what are some of your feel-good essentials? I want to know! Comment below or whatever. Let's chat!

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