If you say so.

I've got a wee story for you folks.

Once upon a time, I was taking a walk to the subway station. While I was on this walk, a (presumably) crazy man called me a whore - while I was wearing this:

I needed some retail therapy after that encounter. 
"A whore?" I thought, "That can't be right. Could it?"

I suppose there is a slight resemblance. It must be the boots. 

This is a true story. As a matter of fact, it happened to me today. The next two photos just about sum up how I felt about the whole experience. 

shirt: JOE fresh
cardigan: UO
jeans: JOE fresh
leather blazer: ZARA
boots: "The Whore Store"
two-finger ring: Delphic
bag: H&M
lipstick: "Russian red" by MAC


  1. ahhhh whaat you aren't a whore. hope you got some proper retail therapy. i like that color lipstick on you girl! xoxo