Intern chronicles: Model mayhem.

So maybe it wasn't exactly MAYHEM - and it certainly wasn't anything like the model mayhem website. It was, however, a bit of a hectic day at the office today, because it was casting day. 

Casting days are probably my favourite days to be at the office, because the office is abuzz with artists and models alike, and there's always such a cool energy everywhere. And sometimes, this cool energy's brought in by the babe-ish male models - and who doesn't enjoy being surrounded by male models? Ladies, can I get an "amen?" Today's casting was particularly awesome because my favourite stylist, Shan, was there - with his newly bleached brows!

Shan doesn't like this photo. I do. But that's typical "us."
*note: Once Shan gets his haircut, I'll be taking another photo. Maybe then he'll approve.

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