Intern chronicles: Sweeeet.

I'm really enjoying the perks of this internship.

These bad boys were bought from one of my favourite cupcake shops, For the Love of Cake, by the wonderful Alan. What's even more wonderful, is that he decided he'd buy a maple bacon 'mancake' just  to see if anyone was brave enough to try. 

*note: As far as I know, the mancake's still in the fridge. We were all too chicken to go for it. 

Luckily for us, there were more appealing options. 

Kris chose her favourite, aptly named 'the grasshopper': a "moist chocolate cupcake with a hint of mint flavour filled with chocolate mint ganache and topped with mint frosting and a peppermint patty." Alan chose... not to be photographed. 

I decided to try something different, despite the fact that my absolute favourite, the red velvet cupcake, was RIGHT THERE for the taking. Can't say I was disappointed. The chocolate/raspberry combination almost never fails. 

What a delicious afternoon, it was.

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