The bare essentials.

I've recently discovered that I'm missing a few necessary things for my day-to-day life. And no, I don't mean toothpaste and socks.

From top: "Screw you" ring in silver | "Cereal" ring in gold | "Cute knot" ring in antiqued sterling silver
These new found necessities come from lifestyle brand, Mr. Kate. Aside from these absolutely fantastic rings, they also sell other, 'student-budget-friendly' baubles, including necklaces, bracelets, and up-cycled vintage, brass wallets with the best little phrases you'd ever want on an up-cycled, vintage brass wallet. 

I'm more or less in love with all three of these bad boys, but I think my heart belongs to the "cute knot."  I think I may even actually need to invest in one for real. BUT, just in case you wanted to go ahead and purchase one of these for your favourite intern/blogger - I'd like the "cute knot" ring in a size 3 or 4 please. 

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