The dress that everyone wore.

During a late-ish night run to buy some chips, I came across this:

Two magazine covers, and one beautifully colour-blocked Gucci dress: what an outrage! I had to share this with you folks because it reminded me of the two girls at my high school prom who showed up in the same dress. That was an absolute disaster, and if I remember correctly, there may have even been some projectile butter involved. Oi.

Showing up to an event and discovering that someone else is in the same outfit you're wearing is mortifying, I think, because as I've come to understand it, fashion is about self-expression - and what person wants their "self-expression" to read identical to someone else's? Anyway, after some internet research and artful photoshop-ing, I bring you this:

Three celebrities - again, with the same Gucci dress. Talk about following a trend!

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