I don't even want to think about it.

Clearly, while I say I don't want to think about it (the season of autumn, cold weather, the triumphant return of the school year, etc.) I'm definitely thinking about it. A lot. Primarily because of the great, fall editorials that are popping up in all the magazines.

The one I'm about to share with you guys was shot by Chris Nicholls, and comes from FLARE's September issue, featuring Naro, one of the amazing models at PUSH.

Photos, courtesy of PUSH.

Don't laugh - well, laugh if you want to. I am displaying incredibly fickle behaviour here - but I think I may actually be (sort of) looking forward to Fall, only because of all the trends. The juxtaposition of (ALL OF THAT) heavy leather over light, airy fabrics like silk is just so appealing. 

Oh, and red as a neutral?! How could I possibly resist?

I will say this, though: No matter how beautiful fall/winter collections are, cold weather can suck it. 

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