Making faces.

Just thought that I might share with you, good folks, a few images I took with instagram

Since I got my iPhone, I have been unhealthily OBSESSED with this photo-sharing app. Honestly, you guys. I've found myself taking more photos, just so I have more things to instagram. And yes, I'm now using the name of the app as a verb. Deal with it. 

Blouse - gift | Shorts - GAP | Lipstick - "Russian Red" by MAC

Obviously, the shots I'm sharing with you are of an outfit I recently wore. I've sort of been dying to photograph these particular shorts for a while now, because:

1. They're stripe-y.
2. I love stripes.
3. The black stripe on either side of the shorts remind me of those racing stripes to make cars look fast.
4. Number 3 makes ME feel fast, which is nice, because I'm not very speedy. 

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