LWD + vest.

Bag - Roots | Dress - Forever XXI | Vest - DIY (JOE Fresh)

I've worn it in so many ways during every season now, I think, that I may just have to dedicate a future post to my favourite, little, white (cream, if you want to get technical) dress.

This particular outfit has been my favourite as of late. Although the dress is a tad too short for my liking, (it shrunk in the wash) I still wear it because of its versatility. The long sleeves, high neckline, and the vest and bag - both of which make me feel like a foreign correspondent - add enough casualness, as well as some necessary coverage. 

And just in case you think I'm crazy for pairing a utility vest with a lace dress, check this out:

From www.manrepeller.com 
Even the Man Repeller is into this shit. And lemme tell you - she knows what's up.

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