Fancy pants.

Scarf & Shirt - H&M | Trousers - Old Navy | Shoes - JOE Fresh | Lipstick - "Taupe" by MAC
The last few weeks have been a trip, to say the least. There have been birthdays, (quite a bit of) shopping, homework, dance parties, beer, skype interviews, and an unfortunate, albeit entertaining incident ending with a chicken wrap being hurled violently into a brick wall. Poor thing never stood a chance. Suffice to say I've been a very busy, sleep deprived bee.

I bought these sweet trousers at Old Navy a few days ago on a 7am trip to the mall with my mum. Crazy, I know. These leg lighters - you know, highlighters, but for your legs? Haha, get it? Well they may not seem appropriate for November, but this unseasonal weather calls for unseasonal garb, I'd say. Also, these bad boys got me a free underwater digital camera, which will come in handy in a few short weeks. But more on that later. For now, let's just marvel at my cool new pants!

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