All I want for Christmas.

There are definitely a few things that I would be more than happy to receive in this, the time of giving. This year, nothing would please me more than getting Alana Zimmer's perfect hair.

via Google images.
I suppose I should clarify that I mean her hairSTYLE, and not her actual hair. Asking for that would be all sorts of inappropriate - and creepy - I'd say. Okay, so let me rephrase this wish of mine then, shall I? This year for Christmas, I'd be SO pumped about life if someone would just teach me how to get my hair to the perfect combination of beach wave-y and bed head-y, the way Alana Zimmer's does on this month's cover of ELLE Canada.

Yes, I think that that run-on sentence was politically appropriate enough for the internet. And on that note, I hope someone (I'm looking at you, Santa Claus) is trying to make this happen for me right now.

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