A few weeks ago, I acquired a few pairs of whimsical foot warmers.

Happy Socks - aptly named because using them to cover up gross, naked feet makes me happy - is a Swedish brand that was started in 2008, born from, "a vision to spread happiness by turning an everyday essential into a colourful design piece." I'm a pretty big fan of them because I'm really not a fan of feet. I mean, I'm thankful to have them, but my word are they ugly. Seriously, you guys. 

via happysocks.com
Anyway, photographer Terry Richardson recently teamed up with the brand and shot a campaign with a really fun concept: socks, worn as anything but. Stylist Mel Ottenberg and designer Adam Selman created everything from pants, bikini tops, and what I can only assume is a cape of some sort based on the above photo.

As much as I love how they transformed the socks for the shoot - I think I'm going to stick to wearing them the good, old-fashioned way. However, I think this should be a source of inspiration for people who like to dress exclusively in neutral colours. Take notes, kids. There may be a pop quiz on Monday.

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