Travel diary.

It's officially been one week since my return back to Toronto. Today feels more like my first day of second semester than my actual first day did, probably because I think I'm finally over my jet lag and I can focus at once on a multitude of tasks without getting a headache (Actually, that's a lie. Most of my school work still gives me a headache). It also helps that now, I've actually got a grasp on what day of the week it is, which is generally conducive to attending the right class on the right day, etc. 

However, as nice as it is to be home, I'm already forgetting how lovely it was to not have to risk hypothermia every time I took a step outdoors. Looking through the (many, MANY) photos I took during those three weeks I was away is helping with that a bit. 

I suppose now, all I can do is wait 'til Summer. Six months isn't really a long time from now, right?

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