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Today's blog isn't quite a blog. It's actually an online publication whose Editor began as a blogger, so that counts, right? Well of course it counts - this is my blog after all, so what I say goes.

Tavi Gevinson, Editor of Rookie Mag (image via mtv.com)
Basically, if I were a teenager again, I would be reading Rookie Mag on the regular.

My current favourite on the site is this little video of staff writer Arabelle getting her hair bleached and dyed by her dad, Danny.

Crown of Glory from Rookie on Vimeo.

I've had some experience with my mum dying my hair, so when Arabelle said, about parents dying their child's hair, "And that way you can sabotage your child's hair. So if you really didn't want to do it, you can mess it up, and they'll [you child] will hate you, and they'll never ask you to do it again, and they'll never do it [dye their hair] probably," I had a hearty LOL because - well, my mum knows why.

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