LFW, (disappointingly) from the comfort of my bed.

Next time, London fashion week. Next time.

Until then, here are some of my LFW favourites. Enjoy! 

Over-sized sweaters, (almost) neon, a pixie cut, and leather. Come on, of course I was going to like this.

Gucci brought leather into their collection too - in the form of leather trousers. Leather trousers! I'm also really digging the lip colour. Oh, and that velvet skirt!

I felt like Alexander Wang's collection was a more casual, toned-down, and structured version of Gucci. Now I know that that's a bit of a stretch, but I think that it works because it's a more wearable translation of upcoming Fall trends. Not only that, but I bet we all already have at least one piece in our closets that resemble something from this collection. Can I get a 'What, what!' for all the trend-setters out there? 

All photos via style.com
And then there's Vivienne. What's not to like, really? Even when her collections don't make sense, they make total sense. Does that make sense?

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