I don't have the girly-est wardrobe - which is fine, but it's one thing to dress a bit boy-ish, and quite another to chop all your hair off and start looking like an actual boy. Four years ago, I cut my hair pretty much the exact same way I have now, and to compensate, I added frills and ultra-feminine pieces to my closet collection. However, like my childhood love for Hello Kitty merchandise, that didn't last. 

Dress - Imitation of Christ c/o UPC boutique | Vest - Old Navy | Boots - UO 
Now my hair is short again, and while I'm not about to go and buy a frilly blouse, I do think I want to feminize my swag a bit, so to speak.

Actually, no. I think I just want to shop - for more dresses perhaps? I may or may not also just want to wear dresses because that generally means that the weather's getting less Winter-y. Bottom line: I'm getting sick of this cold weather. 

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