"Just another Tuesday."

Blouse & sweater - H&M | Spike necklace - ForeverXXI | Lipstick - "Russian Red" by MAC

When in doubt, wear black.

This is a mini-snapshot of what I wore on Tuesday. I honestly could not figure out what to wear, because I've never really been to an ACTUAL sporting event. 

Despite looking like I had accidentally wandered into a stadium where a basketball game just happened to be going on (I couldn't even dress the part of a sports fan) - I'd say it was a pretty good evening. I ate my weight in delicious macaroons, thoughtfully arranged in a bouquet, "because I know you don't like roses," pulled-off a successful surprise, pretty much solidified a new nickname, and watched an exciting game of basketball. 

But it's not like Tuesday was anything special. All our days are good days.

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