Vandals, vandalizing vandalism.

I spent the day with fellow blogger and new-found 'bestie,' Denny yesterday, in New Jersey. The weather was great, and our accidentally co-ordinated outfits made for a great pun when we headed off to Salvation Army to go thrift shopping. There's actually a video headed your way in a little bit, just you wait. 

Unfortunately, the video didn't capture all of our shenanigans, but I think you'll get the gist of just how serious S-I-L-L-Y we both are.

On me: Jacket - Old Navy | Dress - ForeverXXII | Bag - Roots | Shoes - UO | Lipstick - "Lady Danger" by MAC
*Denny's outfit was entirely(?) thrifted. Awesome, right?
Oh, and then in exchange for my out-of-ink pen, Denny added to my hand party! Actually. It was probably the best trade ever. For me.

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