I blog a lot.

While this might not be currently evident, believe me when I say that I've got my hands firmly glued to my camera and keyboard. And multiple cups of coffee. The fruits of my labour just aren't necessarily showcased on THIS blog. I swear!

Image via The Onion.
Before I lose my train of thought here, let me just direct you to this, in my humble opinion, hilarious article brought to us by "America's finest news source," The Onion.

When I stress out about all of the fashion-y things I need to photograph/brainstorm/write about/blog, I like to turn to fashion articles and blogs with a sense of humour. They remind me that what I do - although at times, challenging - isn't brain surgery, so I can relax a bit.

*This has been a post. Actually, call it a personal reminder/pep-talk that I have published publicly.

Sorry, guys. I had to.

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