Something old, something new...

Top - Forever XXI | Harem pants - AA 
...something borrowed, and something entirely awkward and out of place. For those of you who have just tuned in, I'm taking about myself, of course. 

A few days ago, I spent the morning in a bridal shop with a close friend of mine who's getting married. You might remember her from a post I wrote a couple of months - and inches of hair - ago. I'd been in the shop once before, checking out bridesmaid's dresses, but this time, we were in there for fittings. It's all getting very real, this whole wedding thing she's embarking on, and I cannot be more thrilled for her.

Here's a peek at what will soon be my bridesmaid's dress, in a different colour, of course. Only one last fitting left in a few months, and then next stop: WEDDING!!!!!

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