Black, white, and a touch of "Scarlet."

Took my new lipstick out into the world today!
Belt and sweater - H&M | Shirt, jeans and iPhone case - Urban Outfitters | Lipstick - "Scarlet" by Bite Beauty 
I happened to have chosen one of the coldest days ever to wear it, so it was a lovely surprise to find that it didn't dry out my lips at all— even out in the chilly wind. I may/may not have also gotten incredibly lazy when I was getting dressed this morning, on account of the frigid temperature making me lethargic and unwilling to think of what to wear.

On days like this, I tend to gravitate to the handful of "easy" outfits I have hanging in my closet. You know, those select few outfits that no matter how bad the day or the hangover still make you feel and look like you could pass as a functioning member of society?
I think (and definitely hope) that everyone's got at least one of those. It's really great to not have to stand in front of your closet, staring at your wardrobe for half an hour when you're running late, having a bad start to your day, or are hungover.**

**The latter has occurred to me on more than one occasion (I blame my early twenties), so I've certainly made a point to set aside a few go-to outfits in case of emergencies. 

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