The long and short of it.

As was previously documented on this here blog, last year, I cut my hair. And it wasn't just the typical haircut where girls take an inch and a half off of mermaid-length locks and declare, "#shorthairdontcare," or "OMG! I'm basically BALD now!!!!" I went from being able to use my hair as a scarf to being told that I looked like a boy (who was then named Hector by my ruggedly-handsome fella.) Now, a few trims and many months of waiting later, and I am DYING FOR MY HAIR TO GROW ALREADY!!!

Don't get me wrong— I don't regret cutting my hair. It's not like I cut it in a fit of rage or psychosis. There wasn't even a bad breakup to prompt my sudden urge to change things up. It isn't the cutting of my hair that I don't enjoy, but rather waiting for it to grow. However, now that I think about it, despite the fact that waiting for my hair to grow is such a painful process, I've become much more open to parting with it over the years. It's crazy how liberating chopping off all of your hair is. There's something to be said about the ability to feel like you still look good, despite the fact that you haven't combed your hair in months! I'm beginning to think that that's the secret to the mysterious attraction to disheveled-looking men. Since this realization, I've actually gone through quite a few hair styles, armed with the knowledge that I don't need a hair brush to look (at least kind of) cute. Here's photographic documentation of my HAIRstory (the history of my hair):
I wasn't always so "brave" about cutting my hair, though. You might even say I was almost obsessively attached to it. Like, Glenn-Close-in-Fatal-Attraction kind of attached. One day, however, after a tragic attempt at cutting my own bangs, I had to cut it all off (Yes folks, it was most certainly THAT BAD.) and after I was forced to let go of my hair, I realized that it wasn't really that big of a deal. I feel like to so many girls out there, taking off a few inches of hair is like taking off a few inches of a limb, and I'm here to tell you all that it's really not that bad.

If you cut your hair too short, there are always readily available weaves to purchase. If you dye your hair and you don't like the colour, then you can always dye it back the way you had it before. And, if like me, you give yourself an unfortunate haircut in the bathroom with kitchen scissors (Okay, I didn't actually use kitchen scissors. I just wanted to add that in there for effect.) there are always hair ties and bobby pins to hide all of your mistakes.

So for all the ladies out there who are afraid of going through the big chop, let me impart some wisdom I myself received from an old television show called Sabrina the teenage witch: "Hair grows."


  1. I love this Kate!
    Not only you look libarated in every photo but you aren't afraid of changes. You are capable of pulling of any look and instead of wondering
    -What It- you embrace your intuition along with your sexy-self!

    1. What a nice thing to say! Thanks Anika!

  2. You have an amazing HAIRstory!

    1. Merci, Emma! I've definitely lived through a few A-W-K-W-A-R-D hair phases, though— just made sure they weren't photographed. HAHAHAHA.