Oh, Canada!

This past Saturday, a couple of my buds and I took a trip to Toronto's Midnight MRKT, a night market for some of Toronto's local talent to showcase their goods that turns into a dance party afterwards. There was shopping, drinks, and dancing: a perfect trifecta of fun in my books. 
Hat - No fun press | Scarf - Lavish & Squalor | Coat - H&M | Jeans - Urban Outfitters | Boots - JOE Fresh | Lipstick - "Ruby Woo" by MAC 
What is most certainly NOT fun, however, is this freezing Toronto weather. It was all going so well, too! I was wearing a leather blazer and no gloves, without fear of getting frost-bitten fingers, and now we have another impending snow/rain/ice storm coming our way. Oy, vey.

The hat really does say it all.

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