The motto.

Jacket - OBEY | Necklace - H&M | Pants - ZARA | Shoes - Urban Outfitters | Lipstick - "Heartless" by MAC | Shirt - Exempt Label X Denny Balmaceda
Photos by Kane St. Louis
Managed to take a few photos before the city got hit with yet ANOTHER winter storm. Oh, Canada. I couldn't wait to post this outfit, though, because I wanted to show off my new Look rich, shop cheap t-shirt— the sartorial brain child of Exempt Label, and my friend/fellow blogger/fashion killer Denny Balmaceda, whose blog is called (if you haven't already guessed) Look rich, shop cheap. And in the interest of practising what I/the shirt preach, everything I'm wearing was purchased on some sort of crazy sale, so my outfit, ladies and gents, cost me less than $100.

If you want your very own look rich, shop cheap t-shirt, and I KNOW you do, click HERE to buy.

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