Leather blazer - ZARA | Blouse - ForeverXXI | Bag - Kenneth Cole | Jeans - BDG | Shoes - Nine West | Lipstick - MAC ("Media")
Every woman needs one. Some of us can go without, but really, how long before the overwhelming urge to stop spending your weekends alone, in sweat pants, takes over and you need to feel the support and comfort of an unflinching companion?

Boyfriends are great—especially when they come in denim form.
Much like the real-deal, male variety, boyfriend jeans are an effortless way to be comfortable but still feel really good. Like a boyfriend, a great pair of the 'ole bf denim is pretty hard to find, but when you finally do meet your match, you're good for life—or 'til the seams from your jeans part!

I wore my boyfriend jeans out the other day, because I needed to be comfortable after a sleepless night with a long day ahead, and despite the fact that at any given moment, I was only seconds away from falling into a deep sleep, I inexplicably received a ton of compliments on what I was wearing. By no means was I any sort of "Fashion Killa" getup, but still, they kept coming. I think it was because even though I may not have felt that I looked my best, I looked confident because I was comfortable, which translated into people thinking I looked good. And hey, I won't argue with a compliment, or two, but it did get me thinking about how actual boyfriends (and girlfriends) and relationships do to a person what a great pair of jeans should: make you feel good, even when you're not at your best.

My favourite pair has got a few grass stains, and many rips and holes (Some strategically placed, via DIY, and some accidental),  but the more worn in they get, the better they look! The best advice on how to treat your boyfriend jeans, in my opinion, applies to how I think you should treat your relationships: love them, embrace the imperfections, and when you do find that perfect pair, never let them go. 

If you're still on the hunt for your favourite pair, click on some of these links below:

Good luck! Here's to love, in whatever shape or form you find it. 

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