I've been slacking with the blogging again, and I apologize. However, in my defense, I have very good reason to be a bit m.i.a.
Dress - H&M | Shirt - Club Monaco | Shoes - Vans | Necklace - Banana Republic | Sunglasses - Rayban | Bag - Kenneth Cole | Lipstick - "Russian Red" MAC
I recently started an internship at a magazine--one that I've been hoping to work for, for a while now. I've been there a week, and I am loving it. The sartorial game is insane, and while that a bit intimidating on day one, I feel like I've stepped up my "professional attire" style a bit, and so I am good to go.

Starting a new job in the middle of seasonal transition was a bit odd, since not only did I have to start accepting that summer was over, and that my sandals were no longer appropriate footwear, but I also couldn't bum around in baggy jeans and sweaters 'cause while it may be seasonally-appropriate attire, it would not be cool to wear to work.
Are you wondering where I work yet? Have a look below!

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