There was no germ strong enough to stop me from attending last night's Book for Men party, hosted by SHARP Magazine. I felt like death, but how could I turn down the chance to get dressed up  and party-it-up with folks from the office?
I broke out some party essentials: (faux) fur, heels, lipstick--duh, Buckley's complete (with mucus relief), and a skirt+shirt combo worthy of Morticia Addams' closet, then I was out the door.
Oh, and I also got my nails did--at the party! For free!
Despite the fact that my sinuses are raging against me today, I had a great time at one of the most stylish parties I've  ever been to.
    Shirt and Clutch - American Apparel | Vest - Old Navy | Skirt - UO | Shoes - ALDO | Lipstick - "Russian Red" by MAC

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