A little while ago, I got the chance to meet Laura and Ali of Live Beautiful Co.—one of my current jewelry obsessions. Since that day, my fingers have become adorned with two of their pieces: the Leila knuckle ring, and Willa ring.

After talking their ears off and asking them about their business and design aesthetic, I knew I had to share their brand with you fine folks. Laura and Ali believe in using sustainable materials for their pieces, as well as giving back to charitable organizations. For example, their supplier of the recycled metals they use to create the majority of our pieces donates 100% of its revenue to rescue and special needs animal welfare organizations. Live Beautiful Co. has also contributed to numerous charities like Autism Canada, and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. They currently have a Facebook campaign going on to get 100 new likes on their page, and in turn, they will adopt an orphan elephant! 
From top: Tiffany & Co. | Live Beautiful Co. "Leila" knuckle ring (on my pinky, because I can!) | Erica Weiner | Catbird NY | Live Beautiful Co. "Willa" ring
I asked the ladies what their favourite pieces from their collection were, and they obliged.
"I love the Willa Bangles. I wear mine everyday," said Laura. "They are the perfect pieces to mix with pretty much anything, they compliment my Michael Kors watch in the best way, they work dressed up or down, and they're also made entirely of recycled metals, so I actually feel good wearing them in every way possible"

Ali's pick is the Leila knuckle ring, because "it's chic and cool and very 'of the moment', but is also one of our pieces made entirely from recycled metal, so it's pretty much as beautiful as it can get. It also totally stays on—we've done the shake test." I've done the shake test too ('cause I already own the Leila knuckle ring. WOO!) and it actually does stay on my fingers. I need about a size 2 for a knuckle ring, because I have infantile fingers, so the shake test is an important part of my buying process. The Leila also doubles as the cutest pinky ring!

Naturally, I picked my favourite piece as well, and though I love their limited edition "Alex" ring, and the Audrey ring, 'cause it reminds me of my very own herkimer diamond—the Willa ring is the one I just had to have.
How cute is this packaging?! Honestly!
It's so dainty, and the rose gold version fits in quite nicely among my gang of silver baubles.

I know you're all probably dying to shop right now, so follow THIS link to head to their online store.  You can also meet the lovely ladies of Live Beautiful Co. this weekend (October 26&27) at the Ooh La La! market inside the Gladstone Hotel. Stop by, shop, and have a chat with the wonderful ladies behind this fantastic, local brand.

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